Visa Free Facility

Tourists holding passport from the following 169 countries and territories are eligible to enter and remain in Indonesia without a visa for 30 days.

The visa free facility does not allow the change into other permits or visa extension. Visa Free Facility will not be provided for any “journalistic purpose”.

Visa on Arrival

Nationals of the following country may apply for a Visa on Arrival for a length of stay of 30 days by paying US$35 per person at 20 airports, 23 seaports and the Entikong land crossing. The nations and districts eligible to purchase a visa on arrival is : Libya

Nationals from all countries except Angola, Azerbaijan, Dominica, Ghana, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Papua New Guinea, Seychelles, Tanzania, Vatican City and Venezuela that are eligible for visa-free entry for tourism purposes are still able to obtain a visa on arrival when entering via a port of entry with visa on arrival facilities other than 5 airports and 9 seaports specified for the visa-free entry facility (see above).

Visa on Arrival booths are available for service in all Indonesian international airports and seaports. For those who will apply for the Visa on Arrival, upon arriving at the international airport gate, please proceed to the Payment Counter, and then to the Visa On Arrival Counter, before you come to Immigration Checkpoint. The Visa is non-extendible and cannot be converted to any other form of visa

Citizens of countries not on the visa on arrival or visa free lists will be required to apply for a visa before entering Indonesia.

Visa on arrival will be granted to visitors with the following intentions:

Visiting Indonesia merely for tourist purposes.

An Official visit, such as holding talks for the purposes of co-operation between the Indonesian Government and a Foreign Government, foreign company or International organization or attending an official international conference.

Both Visa on arrival and Free Visa Facility are valid for a maximum stay of 30 (thirty) days period:

In case of force majeure, accident, or sickness, the visa is extendable after obtaining approval from Director General of Immigration.

The visa is neither transferable nor convertible to any different kind of visa. This information above is subject to change without notice